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Toy Story the neglected.

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Welcome to File Dragon for 3d artist!

I want to create a place where 3d artist of all kinds can come and upload their projects and get bragged on and rewarded.  I for one have been very disappointed in some of the free 3d modeling communities. I want to create a place where you can come not only to show off your work but get advice and live chat with your favorite uploaders, but I can’t do it without your help. So welcome to the 3d File Dragon.

Please post your suggestions and whatever you like but remember to stay positive and have a good demeanor. This site is under heavy construction so please be patient and make suggestions.


Picture Of The Week

for beginners

A word for those just starting out, in 3d blender or otherwise don’t give up. When I first started this picture you see of my file dragon would have taken days even weeks, but this one only took me 6 hours. So don’t give up and keep at it.